This Prestashop SEO Module provides a comprehensive tool for generating the meta data for your products pages and other shop links with just 1 click. Use relevant keywords to your business to improve your store ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
Description prestashop seo module

Managing a good looking retail website with a huge catalogue is an exciting adventure, driving thousands of visitors and turning them into regular customers is even better! At the end of the day, this is what matter to you! This is where you may find that this Prestashop SEO module is a great support. It is compatible with Prestashop 1.6 .x and Prestashop 1.5.x.

Benefits for Prestashop website owners

  • Automate SEO meta fields generation
  • Save you hours: more than 20 hours for 100 products!
  • Improve Prestashop ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo, yandex, …
  • Improve visibility for product pages, categorie pages, manufacturer and supplier pages, …
  • Increase traffic quality and therefore increase sales
  • Apply various rules per categories
  • Help to change many SEO fields with just 1 click
  • Open source
  • No modification in the core of Prestashop

How does it works?

Prestashop SEO Manager provides a comprehensive tool for generating the meta tags for your shop resources with just 1 click! 
It helps you to optimize your Prestashop website for organic search results. Maximizing the visibility of your website in organic search results is a continuous process which requires significant involvement and may not provide overnight results.
The Prestashop module SEO Manager is your companion and helps you to reduce your effort along this continuous process. It helps you to increase the ranking for Prestashop based retail websites. Thanks to its user friendly interface, you can populate hundreds of records in just few clicks. Not only it’s probably the best SEO tool of the market, it’s also the most affordable at prestashop seo plugin.