POWER SEO is a Powerful plugin that allow King Media Script owners to improve their website’s SEO. It is an all in one plugin which offers all SEO customizations that you need to bring your site’s search rank to the next level.

With this Plugin you can:

– Change page title on all important pages using static text or variables available on page.

– Cleanup your media’s URLS by removing common words and making URLs shorter and with richer keywords.

– Upper Case first letter, all first letters of words or whole URL of a media page.

– Change all relations in internal links in post content “DoFollow” to improve internal linking and improve your SEO rank for links from inside your content. Also you can change Relation attribute of any other site to give them SEO benefits of getting links from your site.

– Restrict search engines from indexing or following certain pages.

– Stop search engines indexing pages with short content length.

– Set link title, and page description for Categories.