Easy PHP Contact Form is a powerful framework that can create simple or advance/complex contact forms. You can easily add fields like input textbox, textarea, radio button, checkbox, select or combobox and file attachment upload with just a one line of configuration.

Absolutely no PHP and HTML knowledge required because the process is handled by Easy PHP Contact Form script. The documentation is easy to understand. You can create different kinds of forms like contact form, survey form, feedback form, order form, request form and etc.

Main Features:

  • Option for SMTP Authentication or PHP mail
  • File Attachment Upload
  • Phone Field and validation
  • Redirect to Specific URL after Submission
  • HTML5 Valid
  • Location Detection (City and Country)
  • Responsive Design for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone
  • Multi-languages Supported
  • Coded in Object Oriented Programming
  • Auto Responder Email (Can customize)
  • Option to choose Text Captcha or Image Captcha
  • Add field with 1 line of code
  • Very Clear Documentation with Examples

Other Features:

  • No Javascript Needed
  • No Technical Knowledge Required like PHP or HTML
  • Easy integration to your website
  • Server Side Validator to prevent email injection
  • Integrate Text Captcha or Image Captcha to prevent email spam
  • You choose what fields should be required (*)
  • Customize error messages and success messages.
  • 4 themes css design included (Aqua, Dark, Simple, Premium)
  • Fields supported: textbox, textarea, combo box, radio button and check box
  • Protects you from XSS and CSRF attacks